Systematic review of home-based toothbrushing practices by parents of young children to reduce dental caries

Yorkshire & Humber
Start Date: 1 Jan 2014


Tooth decay is the most prevalent preventable condition in children and is a significant public health problem and priority. In some parts of the country, typically the most deprived areas, just under half of the children have dental decay involving multiple teeth by the age of five. In North West England and Scotland it is the most common reason why children have a general anaesthetic.


To examine the home-based toothbrushing practices used by parents to reduce dental caries in young children (under the age of eight years old) and interventions used to improve these practices.


A. To describe the current home-based toothbrushing used by parents of young children

B. To identify the facilitators and barriers to home-based toothbrushing by parents of young children

C. To identify the interventions and their effectiveness in promoting home-based toothbrushing by parents of young children

D. To quantify the effect size of parental supervision on caries prevalence (dmft/DMFT) in young children

Prof Peter Day