A systematic review on social, cultural and individual influences on the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of South Asian women regarding asymptomatic screening for female cancers

North West CoastCancer
Start Date: 3 Aug 2015


The purpose of this review is to collate information on all of the studies that have been conducted to date on South Asian women and asymptomatic screening for female cancers. This will allow us to synthesize the literature on cultural and individual beliefs and attitudes and their effects on individual women’s screening attendance and willingness to consult health professionals for cancer symptoms. This synthesis will provide broad directions as to how to intervene with South Asian communities generally, and a more narrow focus on factors unique to constituent communities that make up Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian and Sri Lankan populations.


The outcomes of the research will provide an evidence base to inform and influence public health policy to improve cancer mortality and morbidity in South Asian women who predominantly live in disadvantaged communities. This will help improve health promotion practice for these women and reduce health inequalities.

Dr Steve Brown