Telephone outreach to enhance uptake of NHS health checks in more deprived communities

WestCardiovascular, Generic Health Relevance
Start Date: 17 Sep 2015


Vascular diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and chronic kidney disease are a major cause of early death, ill-health and disability in England. They are more common in deprived populations and some minority ethnic groups, and contribute significantly to inequalities in health.

GP practices are the main provider of Health Checks, generally inviting patients by letter. Outreach Health Check services also exist, to encourage uptake among communities where risk of vascular disease is higher, and where patients are less likely to respond to an invitation to attend.

In Bristol telephone outreach Health Check services have been developed in more deprived areas, between voluntary and community sector partners and GP practices. This involves community outreach workers or interpreters working in GP practices, phoning patients to engage them with the Health Checks programme. Through in-depth interviews, this research will explore patient and outreach workers views and experiences of telephone outreach approaches for NHS Health Checks in Bristol.

Study aims

This study aims to explore the delivery, acceptability and impact of telephone outreach for NHS Health Checks. It will do this through understanding the experiences, attitudes and views of patients and the community workers delivering telephone outreach services.

Anticipated impacts

This research could lead to improved uptake and effectiveness of the NHS Health Checks programme in communities with greater health needs. Another anticipated impact is more adults motivated to make lifestyle changes to reduce their risk of long term conditions, and accessing support to help them do so. We also anticipate improved understanding of the potential for telephone outreach in other public health interventions.

Dr Jeremy Horwood