Underpinning Technology

OxfordGeneric Health Relevance
Start Date: 1 Jan 2014

Project summary

The five projects share a common technology infrastructure. The previous clinical trials conducted by the research team have shown benefit from the use of mobile-health in focused interventions and these have been extended to provide a common element across all CLAHRC self-management  projects.

Utilisation of widely used technology (text based systems) for large scale low intensity interventions and the use of multi-purpose computer tablets for more intensive scenarios, normalises the user experience by reducing the stigma sometimes associated with dedicated telehealth equipment. This has allowed success in our previous work in contrast to other recent telehealth interventions.

Access to multimedia materials – for example videos demonstrating inhaler technique in COPD or blood pressure measurement will be integrated with personalised treatment plans and data collection in the risk and weight management projects. Technology will be selected so as to provide the maximum amount of information on the patient’s physiological and psychological status for the least disruption to activities of daily living. Trend analysis of symptoms, biological measurements and behaviours will be fed back to participants on an individual basis.

Prof Lionel Tarassenko