Weight gain following a stroke in working age men and women: challenges and opportunities for prevention and action

Yorkshire & HumberStroke
Start Date: 1 Feb 2013


150,000 people have a stroke each year in the UK, with approximately 1/3 occurring in people under 65 years and of working age. Whilst survival rates following a stroke are increasing, so are the costs associated with long term care. Risk factors for stroke include unhealthy lifestyle behaviours (i.e. smoking, obesity, and lack of exercise) which may also contribute to poor health outcomes post stroke.

Consultation with local stakeholders identified that availability of preventative lifestyle management services aimed specifically at supporting younger stroke survivors was limited, and, that many experience weight gain post stroke. Modification of health behaviour can be influenced by the timing and quality of information given, as well as access to services. This study will explore the experiences of both staff and patients to inform interventions that could benefit younger working age stroke survivors and will link with the Obesity, Health Inequalities and Stoke themes within the CLAHRC.

Dr Catherine Homer