Wigan Later Life and Memory Service (LLAMS) – improving young onset dementia (YOD) services (North West Boroughs NHS Trust)

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Start Date: 1 Jul 2017 End Date: 1 Dec 2018

Approximately 5% of people diagnosed with dementia are under-65; this is known as young onset dementia (YOD). Being given a diagnosis of dementia at this age may have more impact on the person because of issues such as work, finances and family responsibilities (Alzheimers UK, 2015). Typically, dementia services are designed for older people and there has been concern about the standard and consistency of YOD services across the country (YoungDementia UK, 2016; Rodda and Carter, 2016). In Wigan, it is estimated that 130 people are living with YOD. They are offered the same diagnostic and post-diagnostic support as people with late onset dementia, which raised the question of whether the service is meeting their needs

CLAHRC NWC will evaluate the process in how LLAMS Wigan provides community-based diagnostic and post-diagnostic services for people with YOD and their families in order: a) to enhance understanding of the demographics of people living with YOD in Wigan; b) to inform ongoing service design and development to meet the needs of this population; and c) to inform how LLAMS fits with services provided by other agencies in Wigan.

Ms Cassie Eastham