Working with insulin, carbohydrates, ketones and exercise to manage diabetes: exploration of potential for implementation into clinical practice

Yorkshire & HumberMetabolic and Endocrine
Start Date: 1 Jan 2014

Project summary

The structured education programme WICKED is specifically designed to meet the needs of young people with type 1 diabetes transitioning from paediatric to adult care. WICKED covers important key concepts such as think, act and results like a pancreas, carbohydrate counting and calculation, adjusting insulin doses and regimens, management of short and long term health complications, what care to expect and exercise. Additional concepts important to young people such as managing diabetes whilst eating out, drinking alcohol and potential risk taking behaviours such as using recreational drugs, smoking, sexual health, preconception advice and pregnancy, driving, travel, employment, leaving home, relationships and sharing their experiences of living with diabetes are discussed and shared in a confidential and peer supported environment.

WICKED aims to engage young people with their condition and provide them with the competences which will enable them to self manage there diabetes more effectively and safely, which we hope will be sustained.

Currently the WICKED course is being trialed with Diabetes Teams in Leeds and Harrogate, both teams are to observe all/part of the WICKED course ran in August 2014 and then to trial it in their own centers. Sheffield’s WICKED team will be supervising with this and spend some time in Leeds and Harrogate when needed.

Prof Simon Heller