The WREN feasibility study

West MidlandsCardiovascular
Start Date: 7 Dec 2015 End Date: 7 Apr 2017

A web-based cardiac rehabilitation alternative for those declining or dropping out of conventional rehabilitation: The WREN feasibility study

Background and objectives

Cardiac rehabilitation is recommended for all those with coronary heart disease (CHD). But only 43% of CHD patients participate, with only half completing their programme.  Use of new technology has shown encouraging results in small scale studies in Europe, the US, and Canada. The WREN Project will assess the feasibility of delivering a web-based cardiac rehabilitation intervention (ACTIVATEYOUR HEART) for those who decline or drop out from conventional supervised cardiac rehab.  The feasibility trial will collect qualitative and quantitative data to inform the design of a definitive largescale multi-centre trial.

Professor Kate Jolly