A qualitative analysis of the experiences and perspectives of parents whose children have been excluded from school

South West PeninsulaGeneric Health Relevance
Published Date: 1 Jan 2016


Exclusion from school is associated with adverse outcomes for young people. There is limited research that explores parents’ perspectives, particularly in relation to the exclusion of primary school aged children. The present study used semi-structured interviews with 35 parents of 37 children aged 5–12 years from the Southwest of England. Parents experiences were captured in a conceptual model through three main themes. Exclusion was described as part of a complex journey of difficulties reflected by a continuum of coping. The child’s place on the continuum was determined by an interaction between the child, family, and school with communication a key determinant. The study also highlighted the wider implications of exclusion, including emotional and functional impacts on the child and parent and highlighted the importance of the parents voice in the identification and support of their child’s needs. It also presents many complexities surrounding exclusion from school and limited support parents felt their child was offered.

Prof Tamsin Ford